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SteamPunk Protectors


SteamPunk Protectors: They roam the seas to help protect against pirates and other dangerous threats.

This adventure takes place in the 19th Century where a well-equipped team of 3 Women and 3 Men utilize current steam technology to help neutralize enemies. I also propose that the set could feature a robot dolphin or shark contraption and seagull for scouting and reconnaissance.

Inspired by the genre of SteamPunk: science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology.

The ship features impressive moving parts:

  • The gears in front/bow that spin the water wheel
  • Rudder that moves by various gears to the captains steering boat wheel
  • The anchor is hoisted by chain
  • The front/bow section with peep hole opens to reveal the engine room
  • Fishing Net and line, located in the stern is lowered and moved by various contraptions
  • Side compartment reveals the lower deck

The main steam engine control room is located at the bow.

The ship also has the following powerful weapons:

  • 4 machine guns with covers – Starboard and Port
  • 4 torpedo’s – Starboard and Port
  • 2 smaller guns – by fishing gear
  • Water wheel is reinforced for front/bow damage to boats
  • Other weapons around the ship for close combat

The ship also has a toilet, shower, basin, kitchen and shelves to rest with a hidden compartment for storing weapons.

The top deck is modular so it doubles up as a raft.

The design incorporates the style of SteamPunk throughout and also flows to the characters clothing.




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