Product Idea

Mad Scientist's Laboratory

About This Project

This is the Mad Scientist's Laboratory where he has succeeded in creating Fly Guy. He is half minifigure and half fly. This is just a section of the mad scientist's home that is why there is no roof and some walls are missing. He has his table with microscope and a spot to sit down and eat his lunch. It is also covered with various items like handcuffs, syringes, chemicals, and a piece of mineral of some sort. There is a shelf above the table on the wall which holds more potions, a chain, and a different piece of mineral. Beside that is a skull under glass on a little table. The door is actually a prison cell door that locks from the outside to keep his lab safe and any dangerous creations in. On the wall above the door is one of the lights. Next to the door is the control panel for the transformation station and power. Beside that is the transformation station which opens/closes and holds one minifigure like Fly Guy. There is also a tool holder with a crowbar, a wrench, a hammer, and a power saw. Last but not least is the laser and potion holding system with transfer cables connecting it to the power and to the transformation station.

Play Features:

  • Transformation station opens/closes.
  • Door to the lab opens/closes.
  • The stabilizing arms holding the fly serum in place can be moved out of the way so you can take the serum out of there if you want.


  • Two minifigures. The Mad Scientist and the Fly Guy.
  • Many minifigure accessories like the fly serum, a hammer, a wrench, a power saw, a crowbar, a mug, a pizza, two different minerals, two syringes (not in bottles), and handcuffs.

I was inspired to build this when me and my daughter got a few of the new minifigures. When I saw these two guys I was hit with this idea right away. It was lots of fun to build and so cool to look at and play with. If you like this set too please support and share thank you.

Thank you for your support.