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Space Capsule Hotel

Welcome on board to the first space capsule hotel.
Captain, Stewart and mechanical engineer are proud to welcome new passengers on board of this four capsule rooms hotel travelling to space and leading to new discoveries.
  • You can book a small or big size bay windows room to face the universe
  • You can book a room at upper or lower deck
  • and ... swap position, rotate room

Confortable, even if minimalist design, each room includes mini bar, bed, water dispenser, cupboard, welcome drinks, desk and all "survival" facilities to stay as long as necessary in a travelling capsule

Steward will deliver food on demand and will propose entertainment all along the trip, as visiting zone, get separated from main rocket, be swapped or rolling.
Each capsule can communicate to any other, even go to the machine, command or logistic area.

The entire rocket, with its 7 zones, has been tested to provide a confortable and exciting trip.

  • Look at the pilot's office : full automatic driving but when any emergency situation will occur, you can count on the pilot to take the right decision
  • Steward zone is also a coloured and convenient space, from where steward can supply anything to passengers
  • The bottom engine room is the dedicated place of the machine to boost the entire vessel and cabin. Engineer is 24 h 7 days alert to fix any problem

The seven figurines are ready to have great adventure.

Basically, many versions were design to reinforce structure, from a 2 dots width to this 4 dots width.
It is easy to handle by grabbing from center and everything is correctly fixed
Details were added to make appear some nice apparatus and standard rooms furnitures

If the early concept was a very thin space ship but fragile, I fixed it by merging more large brick - the wall are now strong enough, some long plates are reinforcing the arms
It was also designing to be played in a flat, horizontal mode, but with very simple support the space capsule hotel can now be fully fixed vertically (just 2 small axe that carry up the entire the rocket - as a departure base)

In this version each capsule can be separated, swapped and even rolled, making game funnier

It is very detailed and I tried to have kind of practical, realistic elements.
The arms - as base of the structure - are finally very strong and useful.
The backbone has also big bricks to be sure that nothing will collapse

Players can even grab it and make it moving as a plane.

Enjoy this sweet rounded idea concept, your comments will be appreciated

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