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Le Restaurant

Inspired by the wonderful and romantic places of Paris – we all know them at least from movies like „French Kiss“ with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline, „Forget Paris“ with Billy Crystal and the Woody Allen-film „Midnight in Paris“ – I wanted to create the typical cornerhouse-restaurant for my modular-city.

But one problem occured: the streets of Paris don´t follow the necessary rectangular grid. They don´t follow any order at all! – Besides the Haussmann-System, which doesn´t know a right angle either.

After some unsatisfying trails and the unbroken will to carry on creating my restaurant I decided to leave my modular city and started to redesign the project as a Lego-City set.

It was such a great fun and joy to reduce the setting into a low-price set without losing the beloved details of the bigger scale.

I even reduced the fassade leaving only the windows and the silhouette defining objects like columns and keystones.

And I am sure: less is more!

My most loved feature is undoubtedly the double hinged front. It allows to open the set to make it accessible even for adult hands.

Not to forget the various scenes you gain by folding and unfolding Le Restaurant.

I hope you share my enthusiasm!

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