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Early Ocean Scene (With Moving Parts!)

        The early oceans had an abundance of strange life. You have probably heard of some of these if you have seen my other projects. Some examples of these oddities are Helicoprion bessenowi, a shark relative with essentially a sawblade as its lower jaw. A few more examples are Wiwaxia corrugata, an armored marine slug, and the Eurypterids, marine arthropods resembling flattened scorpions, that could grow up to 8-10 feet long.
        The model I have made for this set idea is a small, minifigure scale scene with animals from various parts of the Paleozoic. I have included these animals: early corals, trilobites, primitive fish, two cnidarians, a nautilus, a giant orthocone, and a shark. The base is made to look like layers of sediment, dirt, and a few small rocks. In various gaps I also added a fossil ammonite shell, a few rocks, and a bone. If you have been wondering, the two round plates can be turned by the red knob on the side. When the plates and knob are turned, then the trilobites, ammonites, nautilus, and fish on these plates turn in circles as if moving around on the ocean floor.
        Again, if you have seen my other builds, you know that I am fascinated by the oceans, and enjoy building LEGO scenes (especially early ones modeled off of animals from the Cambrian, Ordovician, and Devonian.) This is, of course, the reason that I built this set. I think that this would make a great set because it is very accurate, and the moving function is very fun to play with.

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