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Knight Rider

Knight Rider is one of the most famous TV series of the 1980s. The series is about Michael Knight, who has many adventures together with his intelligent talking car KITT. KITT stands for "Knight Industries Two Thousand". I am a big fan of the TV series, so I designed a Lego version of KITT. The car is 6 studs wide and has room for the Michael Knight minifigure. It also has a detailed cockpit with monitor and the buttons and lights you know from the series.

This set consists of a total of 300 Lego bricks and includes the car KITT, the Michael Knight minifigure and a display stand. The roof of KITT can be removed so you can put the Michael Knight minifigure inside.

I think this set would be liked by any fan of 1980s TV series or classic cars. If you like my project, it would be great if you would support it.

Thanks for your support!

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