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MONK´ S Living Room- 20th Anniversary of MONK

July 12th 2022 will be round 20th anniversary of the first episode of the TV crimi series MONK and now, you can celebrate it in LEGO style!

This model shows Adrian Monk´ s living room and contains round 600 pieces (because Monk hates non-round numbers) and includes two minifigures- Adrian Monk and his wife Trudy Monk.
The model is 20 studs long and 16 studs wide, so it is close to the ratio.
There are also a lot of details and references from episodes of this show: red self cleaning vacuum, dog Shelby, green gift from Trudy and more.
The front wall is removable for better display.

I really like this show and I think, that will be great to celebrate 20 years of the first episode with LEGO set. If you like this model, please, support it and share it with your friends and family!
Thank you very much.

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