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Kowloon Walled City


Why you should vote for this project

Are you interested in a more dirty, gritty, urban, decayed, overcrowded and "so-ugly-it's-beautiful" modular building that contrasts the colorful and clean ones?
Did you like the Ninjago City set, and would you like to add more Asian buildings to your modular layout as opposed to the American- or European-looking ones Lego usually releases?
Do you like, for example, cyberpunk movies and games that often seem to draw inspiration from the hyper-urbanized atmosphere of places like the Walled City?
If your answer to any of the above is yes, please consider voting for this project!



Ninjago City's bad neighborhood?

Looks quite nice next to Ninjago City as well, doesn't it?

(Sorry for the picture quality, for some reason BlueRender couldn't handle these two huge models together..)


First add-on!

Here's an 8x16 studs, 614-piece add-on to the original model (the overall piece count is exactly 2999 now).

This expansion adds a shop that sells beverage cans and bottles, a nursery, a staircase, more advertising signs, another dwelling, a roof  section, and the room of a pigeon breeder!

New details include electrical wiring, some rust, two babies on blankets, a bed, cans, a potted plant, and a birdcage:

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