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Phantom Of The Opera- Phantom’s Lair


Phantom Of The Opera is one of the most beloved broadway shows of all time. It has been showing for several decades now. I thought about making this set because of how much it is loved by others. This model of the Phantom’s Lair includes: 

  • Boat with paddle
  • Desk with letters, stamp, and feather
  • Phantom’s chair 
  • Piano with stool
  • Barrel with sword inside

This also includes a trap door with skeleton inside, papier-mâché musical box, and candles in the water to light up the cave. 

Minifigures: The mini figures include the Phantom with a hair piece to switch around, and Christine with a torch.

I think this will make a great LEGO set because of how iconic the movie and play is. This would be greater for fans of the Phantom Of The Opera. Great for all ages. 

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