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Medieval Good vs. Evil Chess

This is my first project submitted to the CUUSOO... a chess game with a Castle - Kingdom Knights theme that teaches kids/teens about strategy and planning ahead in a fun way. Instead of having all the mini-figs look the same like any other Lego chess, each mini-figure has its own distinction in facial expressions, color, weapon, and/or armor for better replay value. Good side is obviously more vibrant than the evil side, so when playing a friend of yours, you can set a rule - winner plays good and the loser plays evil!

With this set, you get different assortments of faces, weapons, armors, headgear, and cloaks for your clans.

Close-up of the red knight! An elevated tower can be added below the brown-gray bowman/archer (rook). Holy white magic-user/cleric (bishop) with a gray spell-book. All good soldier pawns carry either a spear or halberd with a rounded white shield. King has gold armor and crown helm with a yellow robe.

Atlantis blue knight on the other end with tower archer with crossbow and green elemental magic-user/geomancer (bishop) with a brown spell-book.

Evil side are skeletons and the undead with mix of red, dark/light gray, dark brown, and black colors. Bat hell knights ride on undead winged horses with huge horns. Brown rot warlock (bishop) uses decay/disease magic from a red spell-book. Evil soldier pawns use two-handed axes and long pikes with angular shields.

More pictures will be added if requested. Add any comments that you think would help improve this project. Thanks for looking!