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Modular Movie Studio

Watch the video below to see the functional play features!

Welcome to the modular movie studio! Home to the finest blockbuster brickfilms, this studio is equipped with everything you need to direct a cinematic masterpiece:

Grand Entrance – Inspired by traditional Hollywood style architecture, the main entrance archway is guarded with a lifting traffic barrier and rows of colorful hedges.

Studio Backlot – Including a giant water tower, caravan trailer and adjustable camera crane rig.

Main Sound Stage – A massive indoor studio accessed through a rolling hangar door, complete with moving scenery and a working film camera.

Editing Rooms – Film reels and trophies decorate the ground floor lobby, while the upstairs suite houses professional recording equipment and computer consoles.

Sets & Scenery – Customize your movie with a variety of set pieces and props, including western, medieval, and modern microscale city themes!

All of this is built onto a 32x64 stud baseplate that can be connected to any existing modular buildings. Packed full of realistic details and functional play features, this would make a great LEGO set for all ages!

Help bring this to the big screen by adding your support! Thank you :-)

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