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The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore


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                                                Welcome to the world of William Joyce!

Based off of the amazing book/animated short, this Idea is a design of the library in the story.
The library is a very detailed and beautiful building full of magical flying books to help show Mr. Morris the way. Inside is a large detailed bookcase full of books of course! Also inside it is a very large book that you can rest and spend your time on. Come inside and enjoy reading a great book.

The library is mostly built up of tan bricks. It has hinge bricks so you can open and close the library at any time. Mr. Morris himself and his friend the Humpty Dumpty book come with it as well.

This book/short fuels my enjoyment of books and I think creating this set will inspire more people to read.
Don't forget to check out the book and animated short itself!

Take a look inside and enjoy these rendered photos taken on Studio 2.0!

Design Choices
  • I think that scaling down the size of the library really helped me with the design process of it.
  • Inside are a handful of brick built and minifigure scale books.
  • Mr. Morris does not have the correct size hat but it was the closest I could find for the character. Same for the cane he is holding.
  • Mr. Morris and the Humpty Dumpty book do not decals on them.

I hope you enjoy this build and I would be very grateful if you support it!
                                                                                            Thank you, owenpiano

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