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Drag Race Starting Line


Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out the Drag Race Starting Line!

Red Car

This car was initially designed after a Ferrari Enzo. It has a sticker on the front with a Ferrari symbol. It also has the holes in the hood like a real Ferrari Enzo. On the car, there are simple red fenders and simple wheels and tires. The roof comes off so there is easy access. Also, inside there is a speed dial print which comes in a lot of official LEGO cars. It has exhausts and grilles just behind the cockpit which makes it look sort of like a mid-engine car.It has round 1x1 tiles on the back for tail lights and gray ones for the exhaust pipes. It is also raked forward a bit.

Blue Car

This car was not designed after anything in real life, and, just like the Ferrari, it is a six stud-wide vehicle. It contains every single shade of blue that LEGO makes nowadays. It has transparent blue headlights on it. It is curvy in the front and boxy in the back. Inside is a regular blue minifigure vehicle seat. The back is sort of flat, but has a long tail light.

Starting/Finish Line

This starting line assembly has two ramps leading up to it and a traffic light-style system of lights for the cars to be able to tell when they are allowed to go. To make sure that it is impossible to miss, a yellow-and-black block in the middle gives a clear line to start at.

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