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LEGO Insect Collection


Expand your Lego collection with four different brick-built insects!

They consist of:

The Wheel Bug (Arilus Cristatus), a ferocious large insect common in North America. It hunts other insects such as caterpillars with the venomous spike on the bottom of their heads after circulating around their prey and launching a suprise attack.

The Praying Mantis has over 2400 species and are distributed all across the globe. The femals are known for sometimes eating their own mate and the pray in the name is given to the stance they keep with their claws when they are tucked back. They usually live up to a year but the pet praying mantis that I had lived around three years ,(it was well fed even with chicken).

The Flesh Fly is a species of fly which lays maggots directly instead of laying eggs. They are scavengers and sometimes eat other larvae They are a grey like color with black stripes.

Lastly there is the Mosquito which feed on many different animals including humans with their proboscis spike. They are considered the deadliest animal on earth because of the deseases that they can carry. Out of all the insects that I love and that I'm fascinated by the Mosquito along with Ticks and Fleas are the ones I hate.

The brick built insects have many connections which render them fully poseable for better display combinations and playability. I've used transparent parts for most of the wings but of course this could be changed to plastic strips as used in the "76039 Ant-Man Final Battle" if it's possible which would allow for more details since it could be printed on with textures.

If you feel this idea should be made into a set please leave a support! 

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