Product Idea

Big Box Hardware Store

First month support count.


38 is pretty good, though I'm a little sadden by only 38 supports - thinking it might do better because it needs no special parts or stickers.

Oh, well I still hold out hope for it, please keep supporting and Brick On everyone ! 

Sneak peak time !


Sitting next to my Big Box store is a new branch City Bank which will be up after my public works truck gets the thumbs up.

Keep watching & Brick On ! 

31 supports in 10 days !


Thanks to the 30 supporters of this project, based on the fact of 3 per day this project I would hope to see it at least hit 1000 by 365 days (fingers crossed).

Please if you like this support and follow it.

Brick On everyone ! 

First of a new series.


This is the first project for a series of city come creator style buildings, a bank is next, but what else ?

Please feel free to leave a comment on what could be built to join this building in the heart of Lego City.

Brick On everyone !