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House Upgrading


This Lego house is right now under upgrading. Outside the house, a painter is painting the house grey and there are two construction workers building a new garage and there is a mover who is taking a new sink to be installed in the house kitchen. 

On the ground floor there is a piano next to it there is a flat screen television, infront of the television there is a coffee table and an armchair. In the living room there is also a dining table. In the kitchen there is a stove, a chopping board, a microwave and some bread. In the bathroom there is a toilet with a shower. 

On the first floor there is a bed and next to it the owner of the house is hanging a painting on the wall. On the first floor there is also a cabinet with hats in it at the side of it there is a table with a computer and desktop. The door leading to the balcony is a sliding door. 

I hope you like my project if you do please support it, if there is anything to improve please do tell me through the comments column. 

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