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Inspector Gadget

Who is Inspector Gadget:

One of the most famous police Cyber-inspector of the 80's, created in 1983 by Bruno Bianchi, Andy Heyward et Jean Chapolin.

After an accident, this inspector was updated with many gadget for help him to fight the most evil organisation "MAD". Totally dumb inspector but amazingly lucky, he can count on Penny, Brain and chief Quimby help him on his mission. Even his car can transform.

Why a Gadget LEGO Idea?

Im born in 1983 then i grow up with that cartoon, I was pretty fan of all gadget he can use (specially the helicopter hat). The van who can transform on fast police car then i decide to try to re-create best I can the IG univers. I hope this set can seduce all people who grow up with this cartoon and the new generation of kids who grow with the new cartoon. (since 2015)

What's on the set:

The main product of the set is the car, I work on a same "wheel base" who can accept 2 differents top  (the fast police car or the van) for give a "transformable" car.

Of course I had some minifigs:

- Gadget him self with some gadgets (helicopter, umbrella, arms with hammer-lens-flower).

- Penny with her smartbook

- Chief Quimby on his garbage

- Brain

Its on minifig and LEGO racer scale.

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