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Medieval Prison Carriage


today I would like to present my medieval prisoner's carriage consisting of about 2020 Lego parts. The set consists of two main components, on the one hand the carriage itself, made of heavy wood and metal, these carriages were very heavy and therefore had to be pulled by many horses, the streets got ripped apart so badly that many citys banned this type of vehicles. I opted for six horses here, I really like the look of these carriages. The second part of the set consists of the bridge over which the heavy carriage thunders, a knight follows the carriage on its way to the city or maby to rescue a prinzess? The fisherman has already made his catch and so he doesn't mind that the heavy carriage is chasing away all the fish.  

I've always liked the medieval theme best, especially the gloomy stuff has always fascinated me more than princesses and princes. I built a medieval prisoner carriage out of Lego because I'm fascinated by history and ancient modes of transportation. It was an enjoyable challenge to recreate the many details and improve my Lego skills. The construction allowed me to unleash my creativity and recreate historical scenes. Ultimately, it was a perfect combination of hobby and the desire to spark curiosity about past eras, deepening my passion for Lego and history.

It is a beautiful display model for all medieval fans who also want something a little more unusual. 

General information:

- 2020 parts 
- 6 minifigures (one of them a skeleton)
- 7 horses (six black, one brown)

I hope you enjoy my work, I had a lot of fun designing it.

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