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Falcons Knight’s Castle


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The Falcon Knight's Castle is literally a small castle that the Falcon Knight received as a fiefdom.
It is composed of the main body, the left wall, the right wall, and the four towers.
The entrance has three floors, a gate and a tower that defends it.
The main body is composed of three layers and can be separated in a modular style.
The first floor is a restaurant that makes food.
The second floor is the knight's bedroom.
The third floor consists of a lounge and a dining room, and the outside of the main body is decorated with hawks and birds.
The left and right walls can be stretched, folded. You can look inside.
The wall on the left is a blacksmith's shop and a shooting range.
On the wall on the right, there are liquor stores, weapons, and armor. There's a knight patrolling the castle outside.
The top of the beautiful tower was a prison, and now there are only ghosts.
Overall, 2960 blocks were used.

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