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1982 Lancia 037

The 1982 Lancia 037 Group B rally car was one of the early cars to compete in the FIA's Group B world rally championship. It was the last rear wheel drive car to win the World Rally Championship, which it did in 1983. Driven by Markku Alen, Walter Rohrl and Attilio Bettega. The 037 quickly gained legend status, as it won the WRC once, came second twice and third once.The 037 was mid-engined with 4 cylinders inline which delivered up to 325 bhp.

I built this car because i would like to recreate all the Group B legends in 8-wide Speed Champions scale. I have already built the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo and the Lancia Delta S4, and i am building and planning to build many more. This car can be added to the Speed Champions lineup and can join the Audi sport Quattro S1 as a group B legend, and also hopefully many other Group B cars. The 037 is not remembered as well as it should be and desreves a spot among other Speed Champions cars. This car would race in Lego like it did in WRC and is also magnificent looking and can be displayed anywhere.
Does not include rally track or forest.

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