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Modular Town House


Welcome to the modular compatible 20th century Town House!

The ground level includes an entrance with space to store two bikes (second picture). Next to it you can see a nice little apartment with a door wich leads to the backyard and even a cozy fireplace (third picture).

The staircase brings you to the first floor. There you can find an extendable bed (forth picture), a full equipped bathroom and an open kitchen which covers the technique used for the brick-built 1911-sign.

In the second floor is another old-fashioned room with a bookshelf, a desk and an old TV. The room is decorated with a colorful carpet and magnificent curtains (sixth picture). At the back there is space for a grand balkony. Next to it the stairwell is situated. Its roof is independently removable to get access to it (seventh picture).

On top of the second floor the attic is placed which you can reach through a roof hatch (eighth picture).

Minifigures included in this project:

  • Man with a suit
  • Young man
  • Grandma
  • Mother
  • Her son
  • Her baby
  • (cat and spider)

Not enough? Here is the link to the project built in Mecabricks (A website where you can build with digital Lego). There you can look for all details and building techniques by yourself

I hope you enjoy the project and if you do so, I would appreciate an upvote.

Have a nice day,



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