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Surfing Wave F&L


Being inside the tube is the best for each surfer ... Whether in the warm waves of Hawaii or in the icy waters of the North, the goal is always to ride the perfect wave and find yourself inside the tube. The water that swells and ripples, the white foam when the wave touches the sea… and closes on itself the exactly moment before the surfer gets out of the tube... Now all these emotions can be recreated with this LEGO!

Imagine being in the cold clear waters of some bay of Alaska or Canada (this explains why the surfer is wearing a surfing gear), and starting to conquest the perfect wave! This will require all your skill and the help of a support boat, of course! Everything is present in this new LEGO model!

Experience the excitement of the Surf on a great wave!!! 

The Surfer and the Boat are taken from the #60011 lego set

F&L meaning Fede and Lidia, proud designers of this Surfing Wave


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