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This is a school that looks like a primary or middle school (it's debatable). As is displayed by the pictures, it is a rather large set. It has 2 classrooms, 2 bathrooms, a hallway, a canteen, a basketball court, a lunch area, an arch entrance, a school bus, and a car. See? A lot going on! In the main block, the classrooms, bathrooms and the hallway are all connected, using 1x2 technic bricks and 1x2 bricks with snaps. There are 14 minifigures in this set. They consist of 8 students, 2 canteen staff, 2 teachers, 1 bus-driver and 1 parent.

If this was to become a set, I would see it in LEGO City or LEGO Creator. It is aimed at children and teenagers. I wouldn't picture this as an extremely expensive set. Maybe around $100-$150? I think this set has great potential to go far, and only you can make that happen!

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