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Strong Bad (LEGO Helmet Collection)

Everybody to the limit! From Homestar Runner, it's the greatest criminal mastermind and email answerer of all time: Strong Bad! Come on, help Strong Bad's awesome visage of awesomeness become the next LEGO Ideas... idea. With mouth a-opening action! And a side-build of Strong Badia (where their tropical breezes blow), featuring population: tire! Enjoy Strong Bad in all of his glory! Including: Left-side! Right-side! Back of head! Back of head while answering your email! 

Strong Bad is the "villain" from the classic web cartoon, Homestar Runner. The character debuted over twenty years ago and helped define the surreal comedic tone of the early Internet. Styled after a classic lucha libre mask, his "dangeresque" look translates perfectly as part of the LEGO Helmet Collection! His mouth can open and close as he answers your emails and makes fun of your spelling and grammar.

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