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RC(Remote Control) Droid Tank


After years of collecting the spare LEGO pieces from sets over the years I decided to design a set. The RC(Remote Control) Droid  Tank is just that set. With large treads, two motors to have the set move back and forth and make easy turns, Infrared sensor to so you can use the remote control from a distance and a good color scheme I wanted to share it with LEGO Ideas and try to have it made into an official set.

I wanted to build this set because I love LEGO and all the creations you can make with them. When I see a lot of bricks, I don't just see bricks. I see LEGO Ideas just waiting to be created and shared with the world.

I believe this would be a great set for both children and adults alike.

When I bring it out to play with my 3 year old niece she loves it when it chase here around the room and she can doge it when it gets close.
The set may be small in pieces but it does have some complex building techniques involved with it.
A great way for both parents and children to spend time together, then enjoy what they accomplished together.


  1. Power Functions enabled.
  2. Can do 360's when both motors are engaged at the same time going opposite directions. The treads move when the motor is engaged and is heavy enough to drive over loose bricks. 
  3. Infrared sensor for the remote control of hours of fun. 
  4. Top easily lifts up to replace the batteries when needed.
  5. One flick fire missile.
  6. Includes a "Bad to the Code" minifigure.

Piece count:

  1. Droid Tank controller minifigure = 5 pieces.
  2. RC Driven Tank = around 300 pieces.
  3. Battery Box.
  4. Two motors.
  5. Remote control.
  6. Infrared sensor.

Set measurements:

  • Length = 8.5 inches(20.59 cm).
  • Width = 6.5 inches(16.51 cm).
  • Height = 5.5 inches(13.97 cm).
  • Weight = 1 pound 10 ounces(737.1 grams).

Thank you for looking. If you like the set feel free to leave a comment and/or vote to make it an official set. 

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