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Ballast Train Set [LDD]

Once in a while it is necessary to maintain the track on our railway, here is a ballast train set with a diesel locomotive and two ballast wagons.

The diesel locomotive is a smaller B'B' coupled locomotive with built-in Power Function and can be controlled remotely. The two ballast wagons can be emptied by opening the bottom.

There is also a smaller siding where the ballast wagons can be loaded using a conveyor belt and a tractor with a front loader. On the siding, there is a disconnect function and a diesel pump stand.

All stickers prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD standard size. The set consists of 1091 elements including 12 straight and 16 curved rails.

The two ballast wagons are inspired by wagons that still exist and have been used, among other things, for the renovation of the railways in Corsica, France. The railways in Corsica use a gauge of 1 meter.

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