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One Piece: Going Merry


Create your own tales with the Straw Hat Crew on the Going Merry! After being attacked by the Burokku Burokku no Mi devil fruit eater, the crew is ready to join your pirate collection. Join Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Chopper for a voyage along the Grand Line. 


The Going Merry is a caravel ship that the crew starts their adventure in the Grand Line. There are two versions of this design, the Full Size and Play Size. Both ships reach a length similar to the Queen Anne's Revenge, though the heights differ. 

The Full Size includes the women's and men's quarters, the bath, and a slightly larger kitchen space; the set is roughly 2043 pieces with the crew. 

The Play Size does not include the women's and men's quarters or bath, but does have a functioning rudder. The Play Size is roughly 1395 pieces with the crew. I did change the location of the booms for the sails due to stability. 

Each character is designed to reflect their manga/anime counterpart. With Luffy, I chose the red shirt that is common with the character, though I am partial to the blue. With Nami, I was unsure if people would prefer the beli eyes or the fearful look for her alternate face; please leave your thoughts. For Luffy and Nami, it would be best to use the duel colored legs which are now being created for Lego mini-figures. 

Please help:

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Also, please leave feedback. I take the community's feedback seriously, and am interested in your thoughts.

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