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General Store



Welcome to the Lego City General Store. This store has everything a minifigure might need on a daily basis, from a newspaper to a doughnut this store has everything you need whenever you need it. Coming with two minifigures a store owner and a customer this set really has something for everyone.

I believe the General Store should be the next Lego ideas set because it has a very good colour scheme and is a good-looking and useful building designed to fit with sets like the Corner Deli and the Bike Shop and Cafe. It is also something that is very hard to come by in the average Lego set (besides Modular Buildings) a building that is well detailed and one that a minifigure can live in. Because of this the General Store is a must have for anyone's Lego city and therefore if you support, leave a comment (I will try and answer the first 10) and spread the word you can bring this proposal to reality and everyone can have the beginnings of a Lego city.

Top Storey

The top storey is an attic in which the store owner keeps all his earnings in a chest and a sack. This area is four bricks high and designed for a minifigure to poke their head up into or sit down inside.

Second Storey

The second storey is an apartment for the minifigure to live in. It is highly detailed with a clock, poster, bed, desk, computer, two lamps, doughnut, quadrant of pizza and a bookshelf. It is all very snug and easily accessible.

Ground Floor

The ground floor is the store part of the building it has a rack area in the front window for daily specials, some barrels to hold produce, two shelves for food items, a register and a newspaper stand. It is nicely set out to accommodate as many items as possible and includes..

. Two Doughnuts

. One Apple

. Six Sausages 

. Two Pieces of Celery

. One Carrot

. One Pineapple

. One can of Coke

. One can of Soda Water

. One Banana

. One Croissant 

. Two Newspapers


So please support, leave a comment and spread the word so that this proposal has a chance to reach ten thousand suppporters, for every click on the support button would mean so much to me and I'm sure that if you would like this to be a set you will support it and bring it one step closer to becoming a reality.

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