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Iron Man Workshop and Hall of Armor


This is Tony Starks workshop and hall of armor. It includes 6 Iron Man minifigures and 1 Tony Stark minifigure. The hall of armor has hinges that allow it to fold in. The top is hinged for easy access to the minifigures. The platform is able to rotate so are able to see it from all angles. It also has a arm that can extend and retract back in. The workshop comes with 3 tables, receptacle to hold tools, and hooks that can hold more tools. There is also a light that hangers from the ceiling that can be removed. The set comes with 8 tools, a phone, a suitcase, Dum-E, a computer, and a screen showing Iron Man and Tony Stark. It also includes 12 1*1 brick and 12 1*1 studs. This would make a great set because we haven't seen a lot of Iron Man stuff.

  • Tony Stark
  • Iron Man MK2
  • Iron Man MK3
  • Iron Man MK4
  • Iron Man MK5
  • Iron Man MK6
  • Iron Man MK7

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