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Giant Tree - Redwood

I've made a small diorama for "Battle of Endor" (set 8038 - see last picture) and created some big trees for this. Someone asked me for a building instruction, so I made it with LDD.

The set includes the redwood, a small tree, some little plants and flowers ... and a lumberjack. You can use this giant tree with nearly every theme (it might be hard to use it with a space theme... )

This set has nearly 500 parts and is about 45 cm (18 inches) tall.

Detailed screenshot of the base plate. When you take a look to the minifigure you might imagine how tall the tree is.

Here you see the tree (and two smaller "halved" versions) in my diorama "Battle of Endor" ... and of course there is somewhere a lumberjack (minifigures series 5) ;-)

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