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The Sailing Club

Welcome to The Sailing Club!

In need for a relaxed day by the water and escape the rush of the city for a moment? The Sailing Club will offer you just that. Everybody is welcome to sit down and unwind, socialize, read the newspaper or hit the water and have some fun. Come and enjoy our lovely terrace and have a drink together with some fries with mayonnaise or typically Dutch delicious bitterballs with mustard from our tasty kitchen.

About The Sailing Club
The Sailing Club is built in a modern yet classic style with glass walls and sliding doors. Visitors can enjoy the spacious terrace outside as well as leave their sailing boats in the berths in front of The Sailing Club. There's lots of space for several boats, as well as a wooden jetty where sailors can prepare their sailing boat just before sailing, or wrap-up their gear on return. The Sailing Club comes equipped with an anemometer and flags to help sailors on their way and a roof light for easy recognition of The Sailing Club during the evening hours.

At the ground floor, you are welcomed inside by our generous host behind the bar and his lovely wife. Here you can relax on the comfy sofas or read and discuss the latest news and sailing magazines at our reading table with all the visitors. On selected afternoons and evenings you may also be able to catch a wonderful performance or two with some live music, stand-up comedy or interesting lectures.

The first floor provides a fully equipped classroom where sailing enthusiasts can expand their knowledge on everything sailing in our weekly classes. Here, skills are being sharpened and inside tips & tricks are being shared, so that sailors who are interested can join The Sailing Club's growing list of winning sailing competitors. The spacious balcony provides a wonderful view of the water and sailboats passing & stopping by and provides a clear view at the art of sailors on the water.
Of course, practical daily needs have been given a thought too, visitors will also find the restroom on the first floor.

The Sailing Club is 48 studs wide and 64 studs deep and consists of 2997 pieces. The host and his wife are already present at The Sailing Club as well as a couple regular visitors consisting of a family of four.

Thank you very much in advance for your support & have a wonderful day!

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