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Steam Roller


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Make way, here comes the Steam Roller!

Enjoy a detailed, large-scale model of a 1920ies steam roller with many working functions. In the design process, I've been looking at engines by Aveling & Porter, Burrell, Fowler and such like, to capture the essence of old-time steam rollers.

The model features moving piston and slide valve (with a simplified Stephenson's valve gear), two-speed transmission (slow and very slow), working steering, moving speed governor, mechanical lubricator, and an adjustable ripper claw. There's a functioning brake for the rear wheels, too! The canopy may be removed for better access to the controls and even better play.

The model as I've designed it has just below 1.000 parts. Green is my colour of choice for the Steam Roller, and the wheel spokes should preferrably be bright green, too. The model shown on the photos is 100% all original Lego, even if some part colours are not currently in production. Maybe it's time to bring back some green to our lives? If you'd like to see a different livery, let me know. I'm ready to create according computer renderings. Power Functions or Powered Up remote control can be easily added, although I chose not to make it an integral part of the product idea.

As some of you might know, steam is my favourite power.  Written STEaM, it spells out science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This theme is suited perfectly to the possibilities of Lego Technic elements, I believe. So besides awarding you with a realistic model, this set would offer plenty of learning opportunity. And, of course, the Steam Roller is fun to play with!


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