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Dog Man and Li’l Petey - 4-in-2 Brickheadz With Dioramas Set


250 votes and a major update!

In order to celebrate that this idea got to 250 votes, we updated it with 2 dioramas based on covers from the Dog Man books that will serve as displays for the Brickheadz builds.

These are the first versions of these dioramas and I am already working on some adjustments for another future update!

I hope you like it and help me with your support and ideas! Thank you!


200 votes and a minor update!

So, thanks to all of you, this product idea reached 200 votes! Thank you very much! I know that having a Brickheadz set even reaching 500 votes is usually uncommon but it's amazing to see the support Dog Man got so far!

To celebrate this milestone, I've made some minor updates:
  • I've changed The Bark Knight's cape to make it closer to the original character, using modified plates with horizontal teeth, that I think look great.
  • I've changed the primary color of Li'l Petey and Cat Kid from the brown they had before to a color that is closer to the original orange but still feels better for me in a LEGO, using an Earth Orange tone.

Thank you for the support and comments!! I am still working on a major update that I hope i will be able to post in the next month!


150 votes!

So, we finally got to 150 votes and we have a lot of time to reach the next milestone, which is quite uncommon for Brickheadz LEGO IDEAS. I’d love to see Dog Man to be the exception to that, so we need your support!

I am considering two updates: changing the cape of the Dog Man in costume build, to make it closer to the original, and adjusting the colours. What do you think?

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