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Marine Research Center


Marine Research Center UCS

Hi everyone!
Today I want to show you my latest project: "Marine Research Center"
I built it thinking about a building that still miss in every Lego City scene.
The project is a big building that can be opened by a folding system for more playability. 
It has a vehicle, underwater equipments, five tanks, laboratory stuffs and even more!!
I really hope you enjoy it!!


2295 pieces

Lenght 52 cm
Width 45 cm
Height 16 cm

Weight 2.800 gr


- Includes 5 minifig: 1 Elder Researcher and 4 Researchers (2 male/2 female)
- Underwater equipments for minifigs (with stands)
- Blue hovercratf/submarine with articulated arms (can lodge up to 2 minifigs)
- 1 Control panel for the hovercraft/submarine
- 2 Big tanks (dolphin and manta) and 3 small tanks (blu and red fishes, crab, clam, starfish)
- Robotic articulated arm with turnable base. It can upload/download fishes from big tanks to the work table and viceversa
- Two desks with microscope, computers, sink, fluid analyzer and syringes
- Fossil skeleton with institute banner
- The building can open/close from rear by a folding system (see pictures)

Thank you for watching! And please support and follow this project if you liked it.
And don't forget to tell/share to your friends and everyone you know! :P

P.S. Please take a look to my other projects @

Thank you again
And may the brick be with you :)

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