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Kang and Kodos Alien Invasion

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Go ahead, throw your vote away! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Welcome to Rigel VII foolish earthlings, Kang and Kodos’s home planet. This fictional duo appears in Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons and often come to Springfield for an invasion or two.  With these BrickHeadz you get some classic features of Kang and Kodos as well as some little Easter eggs as well! Kang and his “sister Kodos” both come with the iconic squishy cups to slurp while invading Earth! One-eyed aliens need to drink too!

They have movable tentacles so it allows you to adjust the positions giving a nice little play-ability feature. The white plates also glow in the dark which gives a good Halloween feel.  Zooming out in the distance is their UFO which while minimalist is the perfect size to abduct a Marge Simpson Minifigure and play out some of your favorite scenes from the classic Treehouse of Horror episodes.

They both come with individual ray guns which are perfect for disintegrating your enemies (use with caution, over 100 years old only)! Each model differs slightly and it is easy to change tentacle designs.

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