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Adorable Snowmobile FTW!


Snowmobiles are cool machines. Have you ever looked at one and thought, “I’d like to build one of these?” I have. Being the competitive creationary that I am, I thought I could build a better a snowmobile than what Lego has already produced. 

It’s certainly not the biggest model I’ve ever built, but it’s got style and a little pizzazz to go along with the accuracy of what a snowmobile actually looks like. In the lone Lego-produced snowmobile set that has been released, there’s no treads on the vehicle. How can you call something a snowmobile without treads!? Balderdash, I say. 

Including movable treads took a lot of creative engineering but I managed to find a way to make it work. I started the build with a motorcycle housing piece since there are a lot of aesthetic similarities between motorbikes and snowmobiles. The tricky part was somehow attaching treads to the machine without lifting the ride too far from the ground. Believe it or not, this model took me a week to complete and about 20 different iterations before I made the version you see in the photos. I had a hard time fitting in all the little details without making the model too big. I needed it to look like a snowmobile, not a tank! 

Overall, I’m pleased with how the snowmobile came together. It turned out how I envisioned it in my head when I began this endeavour. It’s always cool to imagine something, set out to make it happen and then marvel at the completed project. 

Thanks for the support. Happy sledding! 

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