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Night At The Museum


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Welcome visitor. Come in and explore the beauty and wonders of our history collection. I will guide you through this fantastic museum, but wait, strange things seem to happen at night, some people see objects moving. Could you please keep an eye open tonight?

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Night at the museum is a franchise based on 3 movies directed by Shawn Levy. Reaching a total of 1,4 billion entries at the box office, Night at the Museum has established itself as one of the most popular franchises over the world.

As a movie fan, I always try to recreate scenes from a movie I like using lego bricks. Being fascinated by the magical world of Night At The Museum, it has been a real pleasure to work on this exciting project. The existing museum is huge and complex so it was unthinkable to make an exact copy of the building. So first of all the challenge was to select the scenes or elements from the movie I wanted to include in my project. I decided to keep the most iconic characters from the first movie and to work mainly on the big entrance room. In total, the project is built with 2900 bricks and has the main protagonists from the first movie (i.e.: Lawrence Daley known as Larry, Dr. McPhee, Theodore Roosevelt, Attila The Hunt, Jedediah the miniature cow-boy, Octavius the miniature Roman general, Sacagawea and Pharaoh Ahkmenrah). Of course you can also find Rexy (the Tyrannosaurus Rex) in the main room.

              “All right! Let's do this, people! And... animals! And... weird faceless puppet creatures!”

                                                                            ―Larry Daley

I choose to keep the entire build open to make it the most playable possible. In addition, you can also separate the back of the museum from the main room in order to access to the inside. There you will find Jedediah's and Octavius' miniature worlds, as well as the spooky tomb of the pharaoh, with the magical tablet. I also included Dr. McPhee cabinet right under the big stairs.

The night is coming to an end. I can't talk any longer with you, I need to regain my pedestal now. Thank you for having kept an eye open on the museum tonight, you managed to put everything back in order again! You deserve some rest now! But before that, I would like to ask you one last thing from you; 10'000 supporters can make all of this real: so click on the blue support button and the magic will happen. Also show your support with your friends and family.

I need to go now. Thank you for completing this fabulous journey with me. You managed to show you bravery and determination, I can't be more proud of you. If you manage to complete your mission I will be able to see you again. If not, It has been a real pleasure to meet you. "Smile my boy it's sunrise". 

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