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Dieselpunk Planes

This creation was made in full collaboration with Max Brich (profile on LEGO Ideas: )

“Air racing is an aerial sport that is practiced using competition aircraft. We find ourselves here during the most famous race in the world in Reno in the United States, the historic place of the discipline. This year again the best machine pilots will face each other in a merciless battle for victory.
Who will dethrone Lili Maverick (squadron leader aboard his red machine) winner of the last edition? Opposite her is the fantastic Béatrix Kido piloting the black and yellow “Black Mamba” and the formidable Jeanne De Belleville in black colors and flying the flag of piracy. »

These 3 planes are inspired by alternative and uchronic histories, the Dieselpunk universe and comic book flying machines. We created our own ships piloted by the bad girls very talented.

The set is around 1500 pieces and we hope you have as much fun playing and admiring these planes as we do.

Airplanes are obviously “swooshable”!😁 😊

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