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A True Gyro


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A Gyro in it's truest sense! I've always wanted to play with one of these awesome gadgets but haven't been able to find any. I can't say the same for my computer though because now that I've built one the whole L.D.D. program hates me. I had to place each hinge manually because If I cloned any pieces their angle would offset by 0.01 degrees, causing the other side of the circle to misalign. I spent many hours failing before realizing this however, and even more hours of geometry trying to find out wich of my decimal numbers was incorrect or if it was simply a computer error. Searching through hundreds of angles for a single 0.01 factor is really exausting so this build took me weeks! If I had the actual parts It wouldn't have taken nearly as long, but then I wouldn't have learned nearly as much huh? Never thought I'd be using geometry again and while it was exausting, it was admitably fun in the end.

If you want to modify one of your own but not put your computer through the misery, I'll gladly share the specific angle measurements and save you the pain. I wish I could add more pictures but it's kinda the same no matter what angle you look at it from, like it's a circle or something. All axis points rotate stifly for posing positions, though if you modified it to free-spin, the whole thing would probably self-propel itself in circles.

I have removed the outer ring, bringing the set down from just over 3,500 to just 2,862 pieces. In pictures five, six, and seven, I display images of before and after the removed ring, plus the ring highligted in transparent red to help certain people see my changes. I personally can't tell the difference, but apparently it's significant so I'll help out.

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