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Chromed Classics

Classic Space, Castle, and Pirates have returned... in colorful chrome! These shiny models are a must-have for any LEGO fan's collection. Perfect for building memories with your friends and family, these unique models will spark interest among all sorts of LEGO collectors. Plus, with all those shiny bricks you can rebuild the classic themes any way you want. With over 95% chromed pieces, what could be a better way to celebrate these classic LEGO adventure themes?

Please support and let's make a chromed LEGO set a reality! Do you absolutely love this project? Feel free to share with your friends and family! Think something is missing, confusing, or needs improvement? Please mention it in the comments! I'm always happy to answer your questions.

Why did I build it? I wanted to create a product idea that blended the classic adventure themes into one anniversary project, and starting from that came Chromed Classics. Why a great LEGO set? There are hundreds of Classic LEGO fans around the world who would love an anniversary set, and I believe this project combines these three themes perfectly. These shiny models would appeal to all builders, even those who never owned a classic set! Plus it incorporates three themes that remain extremely popular among most LEGO fans to this day. I mean, fans would literally pay for it's weight in gold (thankfully LEGOs don't weigh much, so that's a plus).

I took the original theme colors and transformed them into their chrome versions. For example, yellow is now chrome gold and blue is now chrome blue. There are a total of 9 chrome minifigures (three from each theme). I also have what I call a "special" model or element for each theme (a chrome robot, chrome horse, and chrome boat). Every brick except the transparent parts and minifigure hands/heads are chromed. The Classic Space and Classic Pirate models have around 125 pieces each, however the Classic Castle is almost double (about 300 pieces). This totals to around 550 pieces total. I believe this is a very reasonable set size.

Now lets' hear it from our classic adventurers!

  • Classic Space. "Greetings Earthlings! We continue to explore the LEGO universe and are now in search of a newly discovered element... chromanite! This rare metal is what makes up our latest starship and space suits. But what's this? A chromed planet on the radar? We need to make a landing and claim the planet before Blacktron does, so we'll to catch up later on the next log. Till next time!

  • Classic Castle. "Welcome, fair traveler, to the golden age (literally) of our kingdom!  We are in a time of peace with many shiny pieces. Together I and my faithful knight are guarding the golden tower from any foe that might be coming to wage war against the kingdom. Take that fellow down there as an example. He looks so innocent... but waves no white flag. Hmmm... well, we may have to tend to some business, so farewell fair traveler!

  • Classic Pirates. "Arrrr! 'tis been a long time since we've openly sailed the seven seas. Ye thought we were among the legends, eh? Well, ye maties are wrong! We are back with plunder-a-plenty and ready to dig up the last shining treasure on Chromed Treasure Island... but wait! What scallywag is this? Arrrr! 'tis the solder com'n to steal our loot! Well, I'll have to handle the thief, so 'till next time matie. Arrrr!

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