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Trick-or-Treat Spooky Halloween Collection


What could be spookier than this selection of 16 Halloween-themed mini builds?

Imagine a child's excitement when they dig into a trick-or-treat bowl and pull out a mystery Lego box instead of yet another chocolate pumpkin!

I've often thought it would be great to give out Lego rather than sweets to trick-or-treaters, but Halloween sets are always too big, and random bricks too... random. So I set about designing something I would love to give out, and that kids would love to receive, using all the favourite Halloween imagery.

These little boxes of spooky fun could be given out to the best dressed visitors at Halloween, used to decorate your house, as treasure hunt prizes, or for those most excited by Halloween- a countdown calendar!

They would be sold as a pack of 16 mini-builds, each in its own blind box (to save any doorstep arguments).

Each build has exactly 10 pieces.

The builds are:

Floating ghost
Flying bat
Witch's hat and broomstick
Candelabra and spell book
Micro haunted house
Skeleton minifig with gravestones
Potions and cauldron
Green frog
Jack-o-lantern face
Frankenstein's monster head
Black cat face
Boo! message
Creepy eyeball
Pumpkin patch
Poisonous snake

I hope you enjoy my spooky collection- please vote and comment below!

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