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Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle Game

My take on my favorite childhood puzzle- Rush Hour Traffic Jam. I lost all the pieces growing up, so I built this one. It's as much fun to build as it is to play once completed. There are 11 blocking cars, 4 larger blocking vehicles (trucks and a bus) and your car- either the Red Sports Car or the Yellow Taxi Cab.

I wanted to keep as much of the feel to the original as I could. Therefore, I decided on a simple design for all the blocking cars, and made sure that the color of each car was clearly visible from any angle of play. The game is played by setting up the vehicles on the board according to cards that show the pieces arranged by color. Your mission once these vehicles are placed is to move them either forward or backward, one at a time, until your vehicle (either the red car or taxi) can make it through and escape the gridlock.

Due to the fact I have no pink bricks I made a white car instead, and added the police car instead of a black car just to spice it up a little. The trucks represent the color of the 4 trucks from the original game as well, although they are 4 different designs.

It features a drawer to store the game cards in, and a holder to hold whichever card is currently being played.

I truly think I captured the essence of the original puzzle game, and this would attract many lego fans for many reasons:

*there are a MULTITUDE of rare/ awesome colors here

*there's a TON of windshields!

*once you're done building this kit, the fun has only JUST BEGUN!

Fun for all ages, and the cards provide difficulty ranging from junior to expert allowing both young and old to enjoy this puzzle.

Thanks for looking and let me know what you think!

Demonstration video (with an original accordion track by me!) is on youtube, copy and paste this link it will take you right there

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