Product Idea

Lego Technic 4WD Heavy-Duty Tractor

The Lego Technic R/c 4WD Heavy-Duty Tractor features a four-wheel drive drive-line, opening hood, working six cylinder engine, and reinforced cab. This model employs the Lego extendable cylinders for steering, giving the model a slower but stronger turning. The articulated turning also gives a better turning radius than any other Lego Technic product I have seen. The drive-line is geared down to 1/3 of the motor speed. Both of the motors used are the Lego Power Functions L-motor. The hood opens sports car style, hinged on the front.

I originally built this to try out the unique steering system and it morphed into this tractor. This entire tractor is built from pieces from the Lego Technic Volvo Front-End Loader, except for the motors. Note: This product is not a Volvo product I only had pieces that say Volvo on them. Please ignore any pieces that do say Volvo on them.