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Wild West Project


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     This set is perfect for starting or adding onto any LEGO wild west collection.  It has been over sixteen years since the last wild west set was made, but LEGO fans still remember it as one of their favorites.   This project includes two buildings: a bank and a sheriff's office.  The bank should include: a cactus, a barred desk with pistol (incase of holdups), a opening skylight,  two small safes (one safe of larger size would only be necessary), and a BANK sign.  The sheriff's office should have: a water pump and trough, hitching posts, man in barrel, chair (where the sheriff naps), jail (naturally), and a chest for keeping extra accessories. The "break out" function should also be included for extra playability as displayed in one of the pictures above.  The mini-figures should be included as listed: Fred The Deputy, Friday (Fred's horse), The Scorpion, Hubert The Sheriff, Accountant  Jim, No-Nosed Bill, Wid the Goon, and Lucy (Wid's Longhorn).  Wid's wagon should also be included.  I hope you enjoy this project and it gets made into official Lego set.  With y'all's supports can help make this happen!

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