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Winter Village Town Hall

Given the great success of Town Hall (10224) and to stay on buildings with historical and social I decided to build a Town Hall in a winter theme. The Town Hall was to be a bit larger than the other buildings (compared to the bakery for example) because he has to dominate the village as one of the most important buildings. However as the number of pieces is almost identical to the new set of winter 2012: The Cottage. The entire creation is in fact composed of approximately 1400 pieces. The Winter Town Hall is complete with internal room: office, waiting room, meeting room and store documents, library. The two sides of the building roofs have a button that lights up by pressing a corresponding light. The main door can be opened as well as a skylight on the roof.
To complete the Town Hall I have included a tree with a snow-covered ice fountain, a monument with a statue of a fallen hero and a nice little car used to clean the sidewalks (in Italy the name is "Ape 50").
This model has won the second place in the competition "Expand the Winter Village Contest III" of Eurobricks.
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Other detailed images here:

The interior of building.

Side view of Town Hall.

The accessories.

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