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Do you need a big, strong and yellow vehicle to clean up the mess on your construction site? Then, this great excavator will do the trick. 

This very detailed excavator has some big tires to maintain the vehicle pretty high from the ground, stairs on the sides so the worker would be capable of getting in the cabin, places ( also on the sides ) to keep some tools, lights at the front, at the back and on the sides, a cabin ( in which a minifigure can be placed ) with a command panel and of course the digging bucket at the front.

Also, the excavator is moving just like a real one. It means that at the middle of the vehicle is a gap, more precisely an empty space, in which a creative mechanism ( of course made out of lego ) has been placed. That lets the excavator turn his front section to the right or to the left.

Another important aspect about it is the digging bucket at the front which can move upwards ( downwards is not possible because of the front part of the vehicle.This makes the digging bucket to be at the same level with the tires).

The last detail is a worker that handles the vehicle.

The whole creation has been made out of lego.

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