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Fiat 500


The Fiat 500 is a simple compact city car designed and built in Italy by Fiat. It was designed to be a cheap and simple family car in post WWII Italy. The car would go on to be produced for almost two decades with close to four million built over that time. 

The car is rear a engine design with the gas tank in the front. The engine was an I-2 motor with a 4 speed manual transmission. The engine started off as a 479 cc unit, but grew to 499 cc and later to 594 cc. This model has a hood and engine cover that open to reveal the details. 

The interior could seat 4 people and was surprisingly large for such a small car. The interior of this model includes the seats, all of the knobs and shifters, and the door panels with window cranks and door pulls. 

The model also includes several stickers for the license plates and logos. Personally, I'd like to see them printed directly on the pieces if possible. I'd like to hear everyone's comments on this design, and if possible, see it on shelves!