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Woodland Life

In the middle of spring, a young man is exploring the woodlands, taking pictures of the life within it. He's snapping photos of the plants and trees when look! There's a cute little bunny hiding between the flowers!

The woods really are a wonderful source of life, filled with colourful flowers and woodland creatures.
I built this model to highlight the importance of preserving our woodlands as well as other tree-filled areas. There are many magnificent creatures in the woods, as well as many species of flowers and plants. It's also a fun and colourful addition to a shelf or desk that just needs that pop of colour!

This would make a great LEGO set because as well as further spreading environmental awareness, it can also make a wonderful addition to any collection or the start of a new one! Children would really enjoy going on adventures with the explorer and discovering little animals like rabbits. It's great for older audiences too, as it adds that little bit of colour to any space that needs it.
This would be amazing for children and adults alike.

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