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CRG Dawnlight


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CRG Dawnlight

Part count - almost 3000 (to be exact - 2980)
Approximate length - 50 cm

Design is with some asymmetry, cabin is on the left side of the ship near the rear.
Role of this ship was to be a mobile command center, it features no guns at all (it's possible to add them but not everything need guns)
When I was building it I took inspiration from one of the deviantART models, and I wanted it to look similar.. that's why I didn't pay attention to the inner structure. It's strong, but made in that way so there is no rooms for minifigs.. although there is enough space to make almost two floors for minifigs

Side shot

6 legs can be retracted and are sufficient enough to support it
2 monstrous side engines
4 not so monstrous rear engines

Rear view

Another color scheme that's similar with my other projects :)

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Nice Render made by Blackout(Kylie) :)

(I'm too lazy to crop it for the right size :D )

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