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2001 - A Space Odyssey


2001 – A Space Odyssey is one of the most iconic science fiction films of all time. This model captures four key moments from the film:

  • Primitive Earth and the apes find the ‘Black Monolith’ which has dimensions 1:4:9. You are left to wonder if contact with the monolith has influenced human evolution.
  • The moment where a shuttle approaches a huge space station in orbit above the Earth. The special effects and images of this combined with great classical music is one of THE great sci-fi sequences and was created years before the reality of a shuttle and space station. The shuttle can move on a ball.
  • Bowman, the mission commander is inside the HAL 9000 trying to survive a computer trying to kill all humans onboard because of conflicts in its programming. One of the first times the concept of a killer computer came to such a wide audience.
  • Bowman, now an old man, finally encounters the monolith in a strange and luxurious room, shortly before being transformed by the monolith in the next phase of human evolution.

For science fiction fans I hope this will capture a great film and allow you to enjoy it all over again – maybe inspire you to watch it again.

Dimensions – 660 Bricks on a 32x32 Base

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